Toy Clash

  • Strategy
  • PC Mobile

A Tower Offense VR game with toy soldiers on a table

‘To stop the uproar of mad toys, toy soldiers on my desk come to life!’

Toy Clash

A little war on the desk!

Command the animated toy soldiers to stop the uproar of mad toys and beat them!

Toy Clash

A tower Offense VR game in which you destroy the enemy towers while protecting yours!

This game will turn the player’s room into a place where magic and strategy intertwine. Lead your loyal toys and crush your enemies with powerful magic!

  • LG VR (2019.04)
  • PS VR (2018.07)
  • Apple ARKit: The First Title (2018.01)
  • Oculus VR (2018.01)
  • Microsoft MR (2017.11)
  • Microsoft Hololens (2017.10)
  • Stream (2017.08)
  • Google Daydream VR (2017.04)
  • Samsung Gear VR (2017.01)