At KRAFTON, we believe that respecting the diversity of all our individual members and striving to contribute to the resolution of social issues that are close to each of our hearts will ultimately drive our shared growth together. Through our Matching Grant program, we are building a culture of donation within our company and supporting our members’ active participation in society. Since its introduction in June 2021, we’ve been making donations to various schools and extracurricular clubs under the theme of cultivating future talent. We will continue to broaden the scope and areas of our donations to establish a unique culture of social participation at KRAFTON.

Our Story

The reason why we decided to give back after we dreamed of becoming game developers through extracurricular club activities

“I would like our future junior coworkers to have a great upbringing and join us in the game development industry so that we can work together some day. I’d like this to become a virtuous cycle for the generations to come.”

-Seol Jaeyong, game designer at KRAFTON

The story of CSR managers who supervise the Matching Grant program

“Donations shouldn’t be coerced, demanded, or even encouraged. I think they’re only meaningful when they come from the heart. At KRAFTON, we have a culture that values the voluntary participation of our members. To that end, I believe that our role is to guide people so that everyone can take part in donations.”

-Lee Won-Joong, CSR manager at KRAFTON

Our Contribution

Total donation amount through Matching Grants (KRW)
0 +
  • Jul
    • Columbia UniversityProvided scholarships for current students
  • Apr
    • KAIST SW Academy JungleSupported education for students at KAIST SW Academy Jungle
  • Jan
    • Youth VoiceSupported media education for youth
  • Dec
    • Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Department of Thai StudiesProvided scholarships for students interested in digital fields
  • Oct
    • Seoul National University English Language and Literature MajorProvided scholarships for current students
  • Sep
    • Hongik University Department of Computer EngineeringProvided scholarships for current students
  • Jun
    • Seoul National University Information Science and Culture MajorContributed to establishment of practical training environment to expand students’ gaming experience
  • Apr
    • KAIST School of Computing Contributed to student council and club budgets and donated designated fund for School of Computing
  • Dec
    • Chungnam National University Department of Business AdministrationProvided scholarships for current students
  • Nov
    • Hoseo University Club “Team Creator”Contributed to purchase of hardware, software, etc. needed for club activities
  • Oct
    • Seoul National University Business SchoolContributed to operating fund of “Startup Convention” at Startup Entrepreneurship Competition
  • Sep
    • Keymyung University DigiPen Game Engineering DepartmentProvided scholarships to support international students studying to become game developers at DigiPen Institute of Technology
  • Jun
    • KAIST School of ComputingDonation made to support extension and renovation of School of Computing Building