• Date2022. 08. 18

It’s time to explore the next chapter of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, as Update 19.1 is officially live for PC and console players worldwide! Take down enemies with the new MP9, zip down roads with sirens blaring in the Pillar Security Car, survey for enemies with the Blue Chip Detector and take an Assassin’s Creed-style leap of faith as you explore Abstergo’s shadowy influence in Haven.

Check out the full patch note for Update 19.1 HERE. For assets, please visit the KRAFTON Press Site, and find a brief summary of new content below:

  • Assassin’s Creed Collaboration: Abstergo Industries has invaded Haven, assuming control of one of the map’s main buildings, complete with a hidden Animus machine and strategically placed “Leap of Faith” ledges on the building’s rooftop. The collaboration also brings with it a chance to earn cosmetic rewards through gameplay, including new costumes, bag skins, a parachute skin, an emote and more, all on a map making its return for the first time since Season 16.
  • New Weapon – MP9: Available on the Deston map, the MP9 is the first fully-automatic SMG that uses the widely-available and practical 9mm ammo, providing an answer for players who enjoy weapons like the P90 but want something more attainable with lots of ammo – albeit with a slightly lower effective range, fire rate, and damage than the aforementioned.
  • New Item – Folded Shield: Now discoverable on any map, the Folded Shield allows players to carry around a portable form of cover that can easily be carried, installed and hidden behind at your leisure, with a hefty 1500hp that your foes will need to break down before they can hit you.
  • New Tactical Gear – Blue Chip Detector: This handy gadget uses up players’ primary weapon slot and allows them to scan for enemies within a 100m radius of their character. The nearest 12 enemies will be displayed as dots on the map, updating with each screen update and playing sounds that only the user can hear as it detects enemy movement and height changes.
  • New Vehicle – Pillar Security Car: With a maximum speed of 130km/h (or about 81mph) and controllable mounted lights and sirens, players can now recreate fast-paced chase scenes from movies while exploring the Deston map. In addition, high-quality equipment can be found in the vehicle’s trunk, so be sure to hop in for a bonus.

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