• Date2022. 10. 20

Players across all platforms can now experience several improvements to weapon attachments, as well as updates to firing from vehicles, a new ranked season, world and map updates and quality-of-life updates with the 20.1 Update out now.

Below is a breakdown of major updates now live with Update 20.1. For more information, please view the full patch notes HERE.

Gunplay Updates

  • Weapon Attachments: Due to the Vertical Foregrip dominating the battlegrounds as the choice grip slot attachment, Update 20.1 has implemented changes to the Thumbgrip, Angled Foregrip, Halfgrip, Vertical Foregrip and Lightweight Grip. Please visit the patch notes for the comprehensive list of changes made to the grip attachments.
  • Firing From Vehicles: There are many advantages to using a vehicle in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and while using vehicles to fight enemies has several advantages, the team has conducted several tests and poured over player feedback to reduce one-sided engagements between vehicles and on-foot players.
    • Driver’s Seat: Players driving a vehicle in the driver’s seat will now have their handgun reload animation canceled if the player controls the vehicle’s steering wheel. Handguns’ reload duration is also increased by approximately 50%, along with the recoil increasing by approximately 20% for PC users.
    • Passenger Seats: Weapon recoil has been increased to 20% for PC users.
  • Weapon Scopes: In order to combat the usefulness of full-automatic ARs, the 8x and 15x Scopes are now available to be attached to the M16A4 and Mk47 Mutant. The 4x Scope also receives three additional reticle types for players to freely select and use their preferred type.
World and Map Updates
  • Blue Zone: Due to players appearing to be eliminated from competition more often in the Blue Zone in Deston compared to other maps, the radius rate and start delay of the Blue Zone has been increased for the first phase. The second phase now has an increase to the radius, as well as the damage magnifier per distance. The Jammer Pack has also been adjusted for Miramar, Karakin, Haven and Deston with increasing the damage done to the Jammer Pack by the Blue Zone.
Quality-of-Life Adjustments
  • Carry Feature: The Carry feature can now be used or canceled with the Limited Interact keys. Several bug fixes and improvements have also been made when using the Carry feature during certain situations.
  • Screen Ping Marker: The Screen Ping Marker will now appear more transparent the closer a player or weapon crosshair is to the marker. The Marker will now be available in Ranked matches and disappears after 30 seconds.
  • Radio Message: New Inventory-related Radio Messages are live with the update. Players can now alert teammates about the number of a certain item in their vicinity or inventory, as well as alert members if a player has a certain scope equipped or needs a specific item, attachment or weapon.

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