• Date2023. 06. 23

We are thrilled to announce the latest updates in NEW STATE MOBILE, the mobile battle royale game by KRAFTON Inc. Our June update brings a range of exciting features, including the introduction of the new “DEAD ROCK” map for the 3-team Round Deathmatch (RDM) mode, a fresh customization option for the “L85A3” assault rifle, upgrades to legendary vehicle skins, Survivor Pass Vol.20, and the highly anticipated “Hide Helmet” option. Read on for a breakdown of these incredible updates:

  • DEAD ROCK Map: Prepare for an intense 3-team RDM experience with the all-new “DEAD ROCK” map! Unlike traditional deathmatch arenas with two opposing teams, this map features three squads of four players each, battling within a shrinking combat zone. With three teams in play, you’ll face a more diverse set of challenges and enjoy varied combat experiences. Play up to four rounds, and the first team to claim victory in two rounds will emerge as the ultimate winners.


  • New L85A3 Customization – “Dedicated Suppressor”: Enhance your firepower with the new customization option for the L85A3 assault rifle, the “Dedicated Suppressor.” This attachment increases damage and provides silencing effects, perfect for stealthy engagements. However, be mindful that it also slightly increases both vertical and horizontal recoil. Additionally, we have made adjustments to the recoil control for the “MG5” light machine gun when using the “Dedicated Extended Mag” customization.
  • Upgrade Legendary Vehicle Skins: Exciting news for vehicle enthusiasts! Legendary vehicle skins can now be upgraded, just like legendary guns and outfits. By achieving certain upgrade levels, you can enhance the appearance of your vehicles and even change their colors. We’ve also added driving effects and boost effects, allowing you to make a grand entrance. Furthermore, you can now summon your vehicle from the Starting Island. To obtain the tokens needed for upgrading legendary vehicle skins, acquire legendary vehicles from Lucky Spin or Crates.


  • Survivor Pass Vol.20 – Unleash Jean of Project Justice: Embark on an exhilarating journey with Survivor Pass Vol.20, featuring the iconic character “Jean” from Project Justice. Unlock Jean’s unique character skin for free upon reaching all pass levels, showcasing your dedication and skill.
  • New Season of Ace League: Prepare for a thrilling new season of the Ace League, where only players with tier scores of 3000 points or more (Diamond V) can participate. The preliminaries will take place from July 8th to 14th, followed by the main event on July 15th and 16th, each day for two hours. Show off your expertise and strive for victory in this elite competition.
  • Introducing “Hide Helmet” Feature: We’ve listened to your feedback and added the “Hide Helmet” feature. Activate this option to conceal the appearance of your character’s helmet from your own perspective. However, please note that it will still be visible to other users.

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