Defense Derby’s May Update Introduces New Faction League and Duo Mode

  • Date2024. 05. 02

RisingWings, a creative studio of KRAFTON, Inc., has unveiled its May update for the popular real-time PvP tower defense mobile game, Defense Derby.

This update introduces a new system and mode that enhance the gameplay experience. Firstly, the existing League System has been revamped into the Faction League. Upon entering Derby Mode, players select a specific faction and build their deck. The leagues are divided by faction, allowing players to engage with multiple factions and upgrade them evenly. Additionally, Blitz Mode has been transformed into Duo Mode. This mode supports two-player cooperative play, and the location of the Castle Stone is randomly set at the start of the game. The two players must work together to protect the Castle Stone from monsters and clear the waves.

The new Souls of Dawn season is accompanied by the introduction of The Ancient Djinn, a magic-type unit from the spirit faction. The Ancient Djinn is a close-range area attack unit with a special ability called Mighty Punch, which delivers a punch to the leading monster proportional to the number of attacks made by the hero. Monsters hit by the punch take damage equal to a percentage of their maximum health and are stunned for a short period. Players can acquire The Ancient Djinn through the Ancient Djinn Event, Featured Summon, and Step Up Pack. Additionally, the Derby Brawl – The Ancient Djinn Mirror Match, available from May 4 to May 6, offers players the chance to try out the new unit and, based on their ranking, earn Spirit Crystals.

On May 16, players will encounter a new human unit. The Psychic is a magic-type unit from the human faction, specialized in disrupting opponents. The Psychic’s two cats, Didi and Podo, trigger the special ability called Spirit Play when they cause mischief. Didi restores the health of the opponent’s leading monster when the player clears the first wave, while Podo inflicts damage on the player’s leading monster at the start of every wave. The Derby Brawl – Psychic Mirror Match, featuring this new unit, will be available from May 18 to May 20.

A Puzzle Event is also being prepared. Players can complete the missions to collect all the puzzle pieces and then claim rewards such as Legendary Unit Summon, Gems, Cubics, and Crystals. The Puzzle Event will last from May 16 to May 30.

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