Defense Derby’s April Update Introduces New Butcher Unit

  • Date2024. 03. 28

RisingWings, a creative studio of KRAFTON, Inc., has unveiled its April update for the popular real-time PvP tower defense mobile game, Defense Derby.

This update introduces the Butcher, a new physical-type unit from the human faction. As a single-melee dealer, the Butcher possesses a special ability called Bloodthirsty, which increases his attack power and attack speed as the castle’s HP decreases. As the game progresses, especially from mid to late stages, the Butcher becomes increasingly crucial in defending the castle with his strong attacking capabilities, positively influencing the outcome of battles. Players can acquire the Butcher through the Shop of Blessings, Lucky Draw, Featured Summon, and Step Up Pack. Additionally, the Derby Brawl – Butcher Mirror Match, available from March 30 to April 1 at 9AM, offers players the chance to try out the new unit and, based on their ranking, earn rewards such as Human Crystals.

In April, players will encounter a new unit along with the Ruins of Harun Desert season. Starting April 15, players can look forward to the debut of the Cat Dancer. This magic-type unit from the beast faction boosts the beneficial effects provided by the hero. Her unique ability, Revitalization, reduces the wave count of the hero’s active skill if it is on cooldown at the start of the battle. This ability triggers only once and is reset when the Cat Dancer cards are merged. The Derby Brawl – Cat Dancer Mirror Match, available from April 20 to April 22 at 9AM, will feature this new unit.

The update also brings a variety of seasonal events. The Flower Festival Shop Event allows players to exchange Blossoms obtained from playing Derby mode, or Bloomed Blossoms, for their choice of rewards. Depending on the Blossoms collected, rewards available for exchange include the Legendary Unit Summon Ticket, Verdant Forest Castle Skin, Miraculous Summon Ticket, Crystals, Elixir, and Gold. This event is available from March 28 to April 14 at 9AM. Furthermore, an April Fools’ Day Event is underway. From April 1 to April 4, players can uncover and complete hidden missions to receive rewards such as Gems, Human/Beast/Spirit Crystals, Elixir, and Gold.

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