How is work life at KRAFTON and what makes it the best company to work for?

About KRAFTON’s goals

KRAFTON wants to walk with the elite game companies
that understand the true meaning of achievement.

  • About global

    We prioritize balance between game development and service, both in the PC and mobile markets within the KRAFTON Alliance. It is crucial to think globally for global success, not limit our boundaries within Korea.

  • About gamer

    We always reflect on the gamer’s point of view for our inspiration, goals, and leadership. We strive to observe, analyze, and think about players when making games and providing service.

  • About combining talents
    and adapting to change

    We realize the original methods do not always guarantee success, and adapting to a fast-changing industry is mandatory. However, it is also crucial to respect our core values and not recklessly follow new fads.

  • About clear and efficient

    Efficiency is all about communicating without misunderstanding. It is important that we don’t mistake complaints without a plan B as helpful criticism, or helpful criticism as a complaint.

  • About a sense of
    responsibility and trust

    Trusting each other in a complex workplace is mandatory. To promote trust within an organization, we must be honest at work, keep to our word, commit to quality, take responsibility, and maintain a positive attitude.