• Date2022. 06. 01

When the latest update for KRAFTON, Inc.’s PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS releases on June 8 for PC and June 16 for consoles, players can drop into the new Ranked Season, find more healing items in Erangel and Miramar, and enjoy the original Sanhok map in Team Deathmatch Mode (TDM).

Please see below for an overview of Update 18.1. For more information, please view the full patch notes HERE. Players who want to preview the new content can do so today on the PC Test Server.

  • Ranked – Season 18: Ranked Season 17 is entering its home stretch and players should remember to grab their rewards based on their final tier of Season 17 because Update 18.1 brings a new ranked season for players to drop into. When Season 18 Ranked launches, Squad – FPP will no longer be available on Console Ranked in NA and EU regions due to the lack of players populating the queue to keep it sustainable.
  • Item Spawn Balancing: Following feedback reports about healing items being difficult to find in Erangel and Miramar Normal Matches, the team identified that the spawn rate of heal items decreased slightly in Erangel’s Normal Matches due to the increase in weapon and attachment spawn rates. Moreover, Miramar Normal Matches did not experience a decrease in heal item spawn rate, but gameplay dynamics changed aggressively due to the stronger possibility of finding more weapon and attachment spawns and thus the demand for heal items naturally increased. To address these changes, the total amount of items and spawn rates will be increased when the 18.1 Update goes live. Please visit the patch notes to see the full breakdown of changes made to item spawns.
  • The Original Sanhok Returns to TDM: The original Sanhok map is back in the rotation for TDM, along with updated map selection ratios for the 18.1 Update. The map selection ratios and locations are as follows:
    • Map Selection Ratios
      • Taego: 40%
      • Sanhok: 20%
      • Erangel: 16%
      • Vikendi: 16%
      • Miramar: 8%
    • Maps
      • Taego: Palace / Field / Mountain / Shipyard / Market
      • Sanhok: Paradise Resort / Docks
      • Erangel: Stalber / Sosnovka
      • Vikendi: Peshkova / Podvosto
    • Miramar: Campomilitar
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