• Date2022. 07. 07

The July update for 5minlab’s real-time PvP action game also celebrates the start of the 2022 Summer Festival event and more

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – July 7, 2022 – 5minlab, an independent studio owned by KRAFTON Inc., announced that their real-time PvP action game SMASH LEGENDS’ July update is now live. The update welcomed the 28th Legend named Maya, the start of this year’s Summer Festival event and more.

See below for a breakdown of major additions that are live in SMASH LEGENDS’ July update:

  • Maya, The Small but Strong Thumbelina – SMASH LEGENDS’ latest update introduces the 28th Legend to join SMASH LEGENDS’ talented roster. Maya is a Vanguard Legend that utilizes a giant robot to charge into enemies, while offering quick mobility by being capable of leaping and charging forward. Smashers can obtain Maya by purchasing the Smash Pass and reaching stage 10.
  • Summer Festival Event – To celebrate the start of summer, SMASH LEGENDS’ 2022 Summer Festival event is now live! From now until Aug. 8, the background and sound of the in-game lobby will change to a summer beach theme. Additionally, summer-themed items like water balloons, tropical juice and ice cream can be found on the map. Summer-themed skins will be available throughout the event period and Smashers can see in-game effects change with the summer-themed skins equipped.
  • Duo Touchdown Mode – The July update also transitions the Duo Touchdown mode from Arena Lab into an official mode. Duo Touchdown is a two-versus-two mode where the team that gets the escorted target to the destination before the opposing team is crowned the winner. Along with the transition to becoming an official mode, significant balancing changes were made to Legends.

As a real-time PvP action game, SMASH LEGENDS offers quick matches with short play times and intuitive controls, contributing to more than 5.5 million downloads worldwide. The game offers 28 charming characters (called Legends) based on unique interpretations of popular fairy tales, five modes (Dominion, Battle Royale, Duel, Competitive Match, Duo Touchdown) and supports cross-play on both mobile and PC (Steam) devices as a multiplatform title.

For more information about SMASH LEGENDS and the July update, please visit and follow the game on social media (Twitter | Facebook | Discord YouTube).

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