• Date2023. 01. 03

KRAFTON, Inc. released its December Update for NEW STATE MOBILE, the popular battle royale game on iOS and Android. The update introduces the first PvE mode in NEW STATE MOBILE called Siege Mode! Available in NEW STATE Labs, Siege Mode will pit players against waves of AI “Androids” where players will have to protect the Blue Zone inhibitor against the Androids. Additionally, the December update brings Round Deathmatch Mode (RDM) to the STATION map, a C2 customization option for the MCX, a new Survivor Pass and more.

While a comprehensive breakdown of NEW STATE MOBILE’s December Update can be found via the NEW STATE MOBILE site, see below for key highlights.

  • Protect the Blue Zone inhibitor against Androids in Siege Mode: The first PvE mode for NEW STATE MOBILE, Siege Mode, is now available in NEW STATE Labs. Up to four players will have to strategically fight waves of AI Androids to protect the Blue Zone inhibitor. After the time limit of a phase expires, a new phase will begin and the Androids will become stronger than the previous phase. If a player is eliminated during a phase, they will redeploy after a brief waiting period – but be aware if all players are eliminated the Androids will win the game. Siege Mode will officially release following player feedback.
  • Round Deathmatch Mode rolls into STATION: Players can now play RDM in STATION, which previously only allowed Team Deathmatch Mode (TDM). RDM requires players to win four out of seven rounds and once a round starts the circle shrinks throughout three phases. Players must eliminate all opposing enemies in the map within the allotted time to win.
  • A light but deadly MCX customization option: A lightweight C2 customization option has been added to the MCX. The MCX’s firing sound decreases and aim down sight speed increases with the lightweight technology equipped.
  • Survivor Pass Vol. 14 brings new exclusive items: The Survivor Pass Vol. 14 introduces Red of the Justice faction! Players can check out the origin story of the French character and the Justice faction through the story missions available each week. Players who complete all story missions can earn Red’s facial cosmetic for free.
NEW STATE MOBILE’s November Update is playable now on iOS and Android. For more information about NEW STATE MOBILE, please visit or follow the game on social media at TwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.