The new name “KRAFTON” was inspired by medieval craftsmen’s society called “Craft Guild.”
It represents our tenacious pursuit of craftsmanship to make great games, as well as the infinite challenge of our daring developers.
Aiming at a global game production powerhouse, KRAFTON Game Union will keep the development works on.


    "Dedicated in becoming a world-leading game production company with significant impact in both the East and the West"Moving forward towards becoming a leading game production

    Major Games : TERA
    PC Games
  • PUBG Corporation

    "We create games that can be enjoyed for a long time."Our goal is to become the game developer that gets remembered by international users.

    PC Games
  • PNIX

    "Innovation is the key. There is no need to release games that are not innovative."We create games in multiple genres and provide stable service.

    Major Games : HIGH5, Office Rumble, Myong Rang Sports, Myong Rang Winter Camp,
    Gun Zombie: Hellgate, Gun Zombie: Halloween, Gun Zombie 2,
    Bowling King, and ZooZoo Bubble
    Mobile Games

    "‘We enjoy creating."Our skilled developers are dedicated to building the best games.

    Major Games : Legend Troops, TERA M
    Mobile Games

    "We publish only the best games and provide the best quality game service to western players."En Masse is a global publisher that provides TERA service to North America.

    Major Games : TERA, ZMR, Fruit Attacks, Pocket Platoons
    PC Games

    “We develop only the games we find enjoyable.”We cannot expect users to enjoy the games that even we don’t relish.

    Major Games : CASTLE BURN, House of Mice
    Mobile Games

    “We make fun games!”We want to share entertaining games with all the users around the world.

    Major Games : Wrath Of Belial, Velator : Immortal Invasion, WAR REIGN
    Mobile Games